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By Williams on 4:49 pm

Jen Berger

Jen Berger is the first of our sex mavens.  She’s has always been described as the shy one of her group until a divorce from her cheating husband turned her view upside down.  She’s now out for herself and her needs.  She’s currently 36 and proud of her body, herself and her sexuality.  Jenn works in a law firm as a secretary and still passes very well as the “nice girl” but she proclaims her personal life to be more XXX than “nice”.  Follow Jenn as she blogs about her own experiences of going from a shy and stagnant wife to a sex loving, adult dating single woman.


Scott Williams

The second of our sex mavens is Scott Williams.  Scott is 31 and high school civics teacher.  He is and will always be a guys guy.  He holds the belief that marriage is for suckers who are too insecure to be alone.  Every time he hits the bar he finds a new match to take home for the night and is damn proud.  He takes adult dating to the next level.  If you have a problem with him be sure to let him know because he loves taking on those “jealous bastards” as he calls them.  So, if you want to be like him, making a different adult friend every day follow in his footsteps and listen closely but don’t be surprised if he tries to have a sex chat with one of your girls.  According to him all’s fair in “getting it in”.