To fuck or not to fuck…

By Berger on 5:13 pm

I’m a strong independent single woman.  I’m no spring chicken either and I’ve been put through the ringer so you think I would know when a guy treats me like crap or when I let my emotions take over.  I have the motto right now to be out for ME and ME only.  I mean look at my previous four or five sentences.  They all start the same – I’m, I’m, I, I!  So how the hell did I not see this coming?

Basically I’ve lost view of my “out for me” motto and started to let my emotions get involved with a guy I’ve been having sex with.  We’ve been having some XXX fun for months now.  It’s been an up and down type relationship where sometimes we see each other every day to not even speaking for weeks.  In my mind it’s always been a mutual thing of just being an adult friend to each other that like to fuck.  But now I’m thinking I’ve let myself get too invested.  Emotionally, that is.  Stupid stupid stupid.  The more I’m noticing this the more I’m noticing him pull away.  Even when I try to entice him with a sex chat it can sometimes get weird.

I’ll need to do is cut him off completely to myself back on track and avoid any adult dating situation.  Unfortunately, a part of me doesn’t want to let him go (physically or emotionally).  This is definitely dangerous water and I need to figure out if I can keep having XXX sex with him while separating my feelings from the situation.

Why oh why couldn’t he be bad in the sack!   That would make this whole situation sooooo much easier!!

Don’t let this be you!


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